Coming Attractions

Wow, the response to Pinfinder for iPhone has been great from just about everyone (except for that one fellow in Pittsburgh who thought it was “lame”! Hi there, guy!).

So, we thought we’d give you some updates and a taste of what’s coming;

  • As of this posting, we are tracking 6,957 pinball machines, all over the world!
  • Pinfinder is running on a new database back-end – this means a speed boost in search requests, and lots more flexibility to add new features as we move along.
  • The coding is done for the following features in the iPhone version of the app;
    • Edit address for existing venues within the app. This has been a long time coming, but it took time to implement properly, and now it’s done!
    • Editable Web Address / URL for each venue. Handy!
    • Tap on phone number to call the venue! (PRO version only) This is a very fun and useful feature (at least we think so)!
  • The coding is almost done for “flagging” a venue as closed / “no pinball” / “dupe”, etc. This is a much-needed feature which is going to work great. For now, please continue adding a comment such as “no pins here”, and we will remove the venue manually from the server side.
  • The Javascript / web-based version of Pinfinder is currently in beta-testing. Once we get it right there will be another awesome way to Find Pinball Near You!

And lots more stuff down the road! Hi-scores, photos, etc.., all coming. Fun times.

Thanks guys,

Keep on flippin’!

-The Pinfinder Team

Updates and “Pro”!

Pro version is out! Get it here while supplies last;

Pinfinder PRO Pinball Finder in the App Store

Remember to tap and HOLD to browse around freely on the map in this version. You may also use the “Search” screen to find specific games, venues, or to search near an address / city – worldwide!

Also updates to the original “free” flavour – lots faster and more streamlined interface, get the update here;

Pinfinder Pinball Finder in the App Store


Birth of “Pinfinder” for iPhone

“Pinfinder Pinball Finder” app is out for iPhone, grab it here

Ain’t she sweet?

A few bugs in there, but fire it up and go out to play some pinball!

Things in the pipeline for the next app update;

-Remember current position when re-opening app

-Better handling of address input

-Better handling of comment input

-Progress meter during GPS lookup (which can be slowwww…)

-Upload Grand Champion score / photos

-Even more awesome-ness!