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One thought on “Affiliates”

  1. Hi, reasonably new to the hobby, but have about 15 years of corporate website experience and was thinking about putting together some sort of “meta” Pinball info directory site. Mostly as a jumping off point to the rest of the community sites, but also with moderated content for deep linking to sites for repair, renovation, mod tips, that sort of thing.

    When putting together the information architecture, pin locations always comes up.

    Your app is great and I’m a pro subscriber. If this meta site ends up developing any legs, I was wondering if there would be a possibility of API-ing into your database or possibly framing a web version “powered by Pin Finder” into the site or something.

    This is a completely non-profit “labor of love” site that would rely primarily on crowdsourcing for content and then some moderators for site management.

    Anyway, just wanted to reach out and see if there were any possibilities of working together.



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