Yes! You have questions about Pinball Finder!

What and Why is Pinball Finder?
PinballFinder.org and it’s associated iPhone app, “Pinfinder Pinball Finder,” are an effort to help the worldwide pinball community find games to play everywhere. The free version of the app lets you find pinball near you, and add new locations. The PRO app let’s you search by game name, and also lets you see the entire world of pinball, laid out before you like a big pinball buffet.

“How” is Pinball Finder?
The heart and soul of Pinball Finder is a centralized database of “locations,” including geolocation data for each venue. Each location has one or more games associated with it, which are submitted via the iPhone app. Game names are standardized according to their appearance in the very fine (unaffiliated) “IPDB” Internet Pinball Database.

Besides the iPhone app, is there another way for me to view and/or update the Pinball Finder database?
There is a web interface in the works to allow you to do this directly from the PinballFinder.org website – keep checking back! In additional, Pinball Finder is working with other “local” sites and pinball communities to enable a standardized, 2-way interface to allow sharing of location data.

I’m the owner of a “local” pinball website; how can I get/share data with Pinball Finder?
There are php modules/tools in the works to enable you to just “plug in” to Pinball Finder data, super simple. In the meantime, please check out the “pinfinderapp” XML Document Type Declaration here to see the general structure of Pinball Finder data.

Who besides Pinball Finder can help me find pinball?
These guys are excellent;
Pinball Rebel
Pinball Map

Pinball Finder is totally the sweetest idea and/or website I have ever heard of!
Can’t disagree with you there.

Exactly how totally sweet is Pinball Finder?
Start with bacon. Crispy, crispy bacon. Now add Pinball Finder to this bacon… You are starting to get the picture…

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